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Past appearances

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Tuesday 21 November, 6pm and 8pm

Melbourne Recital Centre Salon

Monteverdi: The Grand Madrigals

Ludovico’s Band collaborates with The Consort of Melbourne to present two extended madrigals. The only surviving excerpt from his opera L’Arianna, the heart-wrenching Lamento d'Arianna contains some of Monteverdi’s most vivid writing. And in a final tribute to this great Italian master the two ensembles present a rare performance of Il ballo delle ingrate (The Ballet of the Ungrateful Ladies), written for a wedding celebration in Mantua in 1608.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre & Ludovico’s Band

Taylor mac.jpg

Wednesday 11 October, 5:30pm

The Forum Theatre, Melbourne Festival Headline

Taylor Mac's 24-decade History of Popular Music

From murder ballads to speakeasy jazz, Women’s Liberation anthems to Walt Whitman, this is a show 240 years in the making and 24 hours in the telling.

Taylor Mac’s mission is nothing short of extraordinary: to chart a complete social history of a nation through the music that scored its rebellions and revolutions, triumphs and tragedies.

Across four six-hour epics of staggering scale, Mac enlists the aid of over one hundred local and international performers—from acrobats and burlesque artists to choirs and marching bands—to join this fearless quest.

Hailed as a Ring Cycle for the 21st century, this once-in-a-lifetime experience has never been seen outside the US and is co-commissioned by and exclusive to Melbourne Festival. Part celebration and part exorcism, it’s a no-holds-barred extravaganza of music, history, performance and art that will take its place as one of the most spectacular stage events Melbourne has ever witnessed.

The Consort of Melbourne appeared as the Temperance Choir in Part 1 of this event.


Sunday 20 August, 7:30pm

Hamer hall, SUPERSENSE festival headline


with the Australian Art Orchestra
and the Consort of Melbourne
World Premiere

You never know where a Spiritualized album will take you, but you know it's somewhere you'll want to be led. From lavishly synthesised epics to down and dirty blues, soaring gospel melodies to all-out garage rock, the only sure thread to run through the outfit's 27-year existence comes in the form of the enigmatic figure at its centre, Jason Pierce aka J Spaceman.

Beneath the sublime harmonies and gossamer fragility there's always been the kind of timeless songwriting know-how that distinguishes the greats. How else to explain the enduring appeal of an album such as the iconic Ladies and Gentlemen... We Are Floating in Space, hailed as one of the defining works of 90s Britpop yet existing on a plane apart from its peers? Or the crushingly intimate Songs in A&E, composed in the wake of a double pneumonia that almost took its creator's life? By turns symphonic and unadorned, Spaceman's work is marked by a perfectionism that will not be denied.

Experience this one-of-a-kind musical dynamo as Spiritualized takes a tour of its back catalogue, with intriguing hints of what its future will hold.

"All the drama, heartache, torment and redemption you could ever want is right there in the music itself." - NME


Thursday 17 August, 6:30pm

Melbourne Recital Centre, Local Heroes Series

Earth songs

Join Melbourne's elite vocal ensemble at the Melbourne Recital Centre for a programme of vivid musical landscapes painted in rich vocal harmony. The final concert in our 'Elements' series, Earth Songs travels from sleepy gardens to terrifying woods at night, and from the red centre of the Australian continent to green meadows in England. The Consort of Melbourne brings to life the pictures that composers have painted of earthly settings, real and imagined.

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and The Consort of Melbourne